Thursday, June 21, 2007

Deck Construction Continued!

As of writing this, the deck is complete! However I just spent about 4 hours waterproofing it and it needs to dry.....then I will take the final pictures!!!!!! Its so awesome, we sit on it everyday just in awe.
But in the meantime, here are some more pictures of the construction.

Andy helpin out building and drinking. :)
Trying my hand out at using a but kinda freaky!
This is a funny story....Ben was doing a GREAT job at building the handrails for the deck, however made them about a foot too short!!! However, with his imaginative creativity....we used them anyway and it made the deck look even better, like someone designed it that way. Good job Ben!
Nailing in the handrails, if you can tell they worked great, we just added another board below it. Stay tuned for the completed pictures!!!!
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