Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Deck Day 5

So today we decided to tackle the stairs so that we could start using the deck to let the dogs out instead of having to go down the stairs all the time.... The stairs were the hardest part, calculation wise. The ground in the back yard slopes up as you go away from the house as you can see, this creates a tough math problem for us college calculus graduates... We eventually got it figured out though...
Here is a shot of me cuttin the stringers... An interesting fact about building a deck is that you get to learn a ton of new terminology. Joist, beam, post, header, ledger, treads, stringers, toenail, hurricane brackets, hangers, denier and on and on...
We also got the 3 tons, yes you read that right, 3 tons of rock delivered by a big dump truck today. This is the pile in the driveway that took about 30 very full and heavy wheel barrow trips to the back yard. We are spreading it under the deck cuz grass isn't going to grow down there any more.

Lisa was a trooper! We had a big day, got a lot done and are really enjoying the deck now. Glad we did it and glad we did it ourselves.

One step at a time...

All that's left now is to waterproof and then onto the handrails.

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