Friday, June 01, 2007

Deck Project Day 2

Just a quick update to keep you all up to speed on the progress, we got the wood delivered the other day (all 2600 lbs. of it) so we decided to tear the old deck off... Man was it time for a replacement, the old one had a lot of rotted wood. We had a blast as demolition only took about 45 min, wish we could build the new one that fast! We got the ledger board up and bolted in, man is that sucka attached good!

Here are our 3 construction bosses: Kaena, Cubby and Sipsy (our roommates dog)
The stacks of wood, waiting to be installed. Made the garage smell awesome!

Lisa, trying to figure out how to get the dogs to the ground.... :)

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Mathew Nelson said...

Shine on you crazy diamonds! Looks like you guys are gonna be done before i finish mine.