Monday, November 14, 2005

Kincaid Park

Hey everybody,

So while Lisa is hard at work I have started to explore the city of anchorage, I heard that we have some 120 + miles of trails here. Tons of them are located at Kincaid park. So that's where I started!

(Just to let you know as a quick side note, I have made it so that you can click on the pics to enlarge them if you want to look closer at any of the shots.)

So to tell you the truth, I went there because Lisa has been seeing a ton of Moose by her office and that park is where they are all coming from! I wanted to see a moose, other than the dead one on the highway. I didn't get the privaledge, maybe because of the loud kids that were runing the trails that day, or maybe cuz they were all right outside Lisa's office! When she got home she told me about a group of them that were maybe 20 feet from her desk! I did get to see some other cool stuff and get some exercise. Here are some shots of the stuff I did get to see.

View of one of the lighted trails at Kinciad park, a great place to learn cross country skiing and when the snow starts to pile up a great place for some snowshoeing!

The peaks in the distance are labeled, McKinley is about 150 miles away and Mt Foraker is about 136 miles. Who knew you could see that far! We had a hard time seeing Molokai when we were on Oahu and that was only 50 or so miles away... I bet Lisa can explain to us why, I will ask her tonight and see if we can post the answer. Until then consider it a contest, whoever can tell me the correct answer first will win a prize!

View west from the park...Mt. Susitna on right ~30 miles from me and in the distance you can see the Tordillo Mountains, they have a ton of glaciers over there! that mountain range is about 80 miles from where I stood! What a view!

The pics of the moutains are taken from the point of the peninsula that the city of anchorage is on. I am looking across the inlet, farther than I thought at the time!

I also had a little fun in the snow as it was a little deeper at the park than the dusting that is covering the rest of the city.

My first snow angel, I remember doing these as a kid in the WI.

Can't wait for more snow though to build a snow cave and an igloo and snowmen, although it might be tough as the temperatures around here keep the snow so cold that it doesn't melt at all and stays very fluffy and wont stick together, it takes like 5 minutes to pack it into a measly snowball!

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