Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In flight...

Tuesday Nov. 1st 2005

Sitting in row 35 on our way to the AK at some 30,000 feet above the pacific ocean I finally found some time to start this, our first post of the actual move. I have been thinking about this one for a while now… in the days and weeks leading up to take off, I have had a lot running through my head.

If on a normal day you were to look through the window of my mind at my perception of existence, it would be cloudy and full of so many superficial smudges and things that you wouldn’t be able to see very far into the “big picture” that it frames, but lately it’s like somebody came through with a bottle of industrial strength windex and wiped it so clean that I feel like I aged ten years and can see with the wisdom and clarity of an old man looking back on a lifetime with a twenty year olds eyesight.

I have been looking at our move with an objective sort of lens, one that helps me to see how amazingly lucky we have been to live in the islands and to have experienced what we have to this point, to have seen things that most people only read about in books and to have known so many wonderful people in our lives that have helped us and taught us so many wonderful things. It’s a beautiful thing when one can appreciate those things, and not take them for granted. It’s like going to work every day and seeing that amazing rainbow as you head into the office with your mind so full of other thoughts that you hardly notice it and then one day you finally see it, pull over and take a picture to send to all your friends and family.

So as I sit here on this plane, with baby’s screaming, I guess this post is one of thanks, to all those people who have helped get us here. I think that it is also a report of reflection on both our past and on our future.

With our last few weeks in the HI we managed to pack in time with friends and see some things that we had left on our list…. A never ending list it seems, say our goodbyes and start to stare into the great unknown of freezing our butts off. Oddly enough we can’t wait to get there, excited about every last little thing. At the same time we will miss everybody that we left behind and hope that it wont be the last time that we see any of you…If you know Lisa and I, you know that our door is always open in Alaska (not really! It’s freakin’ cold man!) and if you ever need a place to crash just let us know…

Before I get carried away I will post some of the pictures from our last few days leading up to the big leap.

The dolphins at the Kahala Mandarin. Posted by Picasa

Elvis sighting in hawaii! Posted by Picasa

My first wave, kinda fizzled on me Posted by Picasa

Spring got a good one!

The judges...

Is that Dom or Tom?

The costumes...

Richie, the angel...

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