Saturday, November 05, 2005

Getting settled...

We made it! We're here freezing our butts off since the first night we arrived!

So things have been hectic around here lately, so much to do everyday, not much time to be at home on the computer.... we are finally getting caught up though. Lisa bought a new car, it's really a feat of modern engineering. She got the '06 Jeep Commander. If you want to you can read about it here...

It's got a ton of fun stuff.

We also got registered at the DMV and got our new licenses, they're pretty cool! Official residents of the last frontier!

The heater in our temporary housing is on the fritz... kinda stinks, seeing as it's usually in the single digits outside, but our landlords are working on the problem. Everything is covered in snow or what the natives call a dusting...

Everybody here has been so nice to us, and we are loving the whole atmosphere up here. So many fun things to do just waiting for us. We haven't gotten out exploring yet because of all the moving logistics, but we plan on doing it soon and we will be sure to take pics. We have toured the city a little bit and here are some shots from that...

Anchorage from Cooks inlet

Mountain view at dusk

The famous "Koot's"

More mountains east of town.

Cook inlet.

A frozen lake!

The city is nice, it has everything one could want, but it still has a very small town feel. Haven't decided where to look for houses yet but that is next on the list.

Time is flying by each day with the sun coming up at 9:30 or so and setting around 4 or so.... dusk lasts forever!

We are debating on whether to get studed tires for the cars as we hear that the roads will be covered in ice by january. Going to hold off for now.... we'll see how it goes.

We saw our first moose the other day, albiet it was a dead moose... somebody hit it on the highway and it smashed the whole front of the car in including the windshield and roof. We need to get our names on the roadkill list so that we can be in line for the next one!

I (Ben) haven't gotten a new cell phone yet, but it is on the way and should be here early next week, the number should stay the same so no worries there.

Life in the AK is evertything we imagined it to be and more and we haven't even begun to experience it yet, so much to see and do it's almost overwhelming, in a good sort of way. We are starting to amass some winter gear and can't wait to get out in the thick of it.... see you all up here soon right?


Juliette said...
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Steve said...
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Mat said...

Glad to see you guys made it there safely! Get used to the lingering dusk; I think you're in for a lot of it soon...

Nice Jeep! :)