Sunday, May 24, 2009

TV Stars

Ben brought his mom to the Nuggets/Lakers game last night for a birthday/mothers day present. Cheryl ended up styling her hair after Chris Andersen, aka Birdman......awesome! If you were watching the game, you probably saw them, they got a lot of TV time. Just in case you didn't see's a pic :)

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KevinandSpring said...

What a cool mom! What are you guys up to 4th of July weekend? There is the marathon National Champs, Mt bike 50 miler in Breckenridge (suppose to be tons of people). I have the 2-6th off, thinking of diving or flying in to maybe Denver, not sure which airport is closest. Then we can party hard after the race, it will be my last one for the year.

I miss you guys, and want to see your new pad.

Hope to see you soon