Friday, May 01, 2009

Panama, we miss you!

Ok, FINALLY went through all the 900 pictures to pick out a couple (hundred) of my favorites to share with you all. To kind of summarize, Ben and I and Ben's dad and our great friend Kevin of Alaska headed down to Panama for a few celebrate Lisa and Hilary's birthdays (they share), to keep Lisa's mind off of turning 30, and to celebrate Kevin's completion of radiation and chemo treatment! Lots of celebrating and enjoying friends, family and life. 10 days later, we returned to the states with amazing memories, a few new friends, a few hundred bug bites and another country to check off our travel list! Thanks Mike and Hilary for making the trip more than we ever could have hoped for.
Click on the picture below to browse through some photos and read what we did!


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Kristine said...

What a beautiful place! Thank you for posting all those great pictures so I could virtually see what it's like in Panama. I loved the sunset pics.