Monday, May 11, 2009

"Primo!" Its Kevin Clegg!!!

Our good friend Kevin Clegg (who Lisa went to college with, then we all lived in Hawaii at the same time, now him and his awesome wife Spring live in Tucson again) came for a visit this weekend as he had a series of collegiate bike races up in Fort Collins. Here's a few at the race....he's in the red, white and blue jersey with an "A" on it.

They were riding about 30 mph and when the whole group came by, it was like a semi truck just passed with all the wind generated!
Ben has an amazing salesman ability. Multiple times we have "helped" friends and family buy some new upgrade or gadget whenever they come visit. With Kevin, it was a new iPhone to be exact :) His old phone was falling apart, seriously. When he opened it to talk to someone, he had to hold it together!

Ben having fun smashing the old phone to pieces!

Great to see you Kevin, next time...stay longer and bring Spring!!!! :)
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