Monday, May 21, 2007


I attempted....I swam...I pushed...I biked...I had a HUGE leg cramp....I pushed harder...I ran...and crossed the finish line loving every minute of it!!!! Well, except the leg cramp part of course :) AND, I came in about 30 minutes under what I was expecting me to take. I don't have the official time yet, but I'm just totally pumped and proud of myself that I finished one. I have to thank my friend Spring Clegg for inspiring me to do rock Spring!!!!

Here's the 3 National Weather Service girls at the end of the race....Kristine, Louise and I, all first time triathletes!
Here's a shot Ben got of me at the finish line. I don't have the greatest face on because 1) I was TIRED, and 2) I didn't see Ben and though he hadn't come, so I was pretty bummed. But seconds later I saw him and was so happy he had come!!! Thanks babe!
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Lloyd and Shirley said...

I'm so proud of you!!!! reminds me of the Boulder, Boulder

You Go Girl,


Ethan & Stacey said...

Hey Lisa, it's Stacey from Hawaii! YOU GO GIRL!! I found y'alls page from Spring & Kevins. I had to comment because I raced my first triathlon on the SAME DAY you did!! Wooohoo, go us! :) That is too funny. Hope all is well in Alaska, it looks amazing!!