Friday, May 25, 2007

Deck Project Post 1

Let it be known that we have started the deck! Updates will follow with progress of the fun. So far we have drilled the holes for the footings about 4 feet deep and sunk the sauna tubes into the holes and then poured the 8 60lb! bags of concrete into them. With the footings in we can now go get the lumber... The deck is much cheaper than we had anticipated, which is always nice! We are going to put in cedar with a pressure treated sub structure and some fancy copper encaps on the hand rails, assuming all goes as planned. Should turn out to be quite nice and have plenty of room for good summer BBQing fun and games! The finished product is going to have a table and chairs and a big area for bbqin. Looking forward to finishing this baby! We are headed to the Chulitna river for our first Canoe trip of the season tomorrow, stay tuned for the fun!

Deck project day 1

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