Thursday, May 03, 2007



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So Lisa and I went to fairbanks last weekend. We had a great time despite a bit of boredom as the city of fairbanks is pretty crappy. We put together a web album of the highlights, some pretty cool stuff when I look back at it. We saw an Ice museum full of cool art and went to the best hot springs I have ever been to and ate out at some interesting restaurants and remarked about how preety it could be if everything were green and the river boat rides were up and running. Our bed and breakfast was nice except for the really annoying laugh of the lady who ran the place. It was a bit stuffy for us too but not bad I guess.... Lisa is still there til the end of the week, she gets to stay at the springhill suites. Much nicer! She is attending a fire weather training event. Cool stuff! Guess I will call it quits for now... Tons more to post though.... So keep you eyes peeled. Sorry for the long wait.

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Mathew Nelson said...

Doesn't "fairbanks" mean boredom in Inuit?