Sunday, February 12, 2006

projects, projects and more projects!

So here are some shots of all the work we've been doing this weekend...does it ever stop?!?!?! Still havin fun though, can't wait for the finish. We've replaced our entrance light (which included Vanessa displaying her tight rope abilities), replaced the lighting in the kitchen, knocked out the kitchen cabinets above the sink, and knocked out most of the wall next to the sink. Take a look!
the old dungeony '70s light

acrobatic installation

The finished mountain lodgy lighting.

The kitchen with the cabinets taken off, but the horrible coffin looking, pee yellow tinted, about to fall on your head (why Vanessa won't stand under it), flourescent light.

new recessed lighting for the kitchen

I'm gonna have so much fun!!!!!

hmmmm...whats behind there?

almost down!

We found there was a bit more in the wall than we thought...plan B.

Is this a door, I don't understand, where does it go? :)

current as of today, wanted to make it all a half wall, but have some electrical and plumbing issues!


Mat said...

You guys have made some serious progress! Nice going!

Michelle said...

Wow guys, the place looks great! I wish I could just get in my car and come see it, but that might take awhile. Happy Valentine's Day! Wish we all could have a Valentine's Day like last year! Take care and miss you-

Kevin&Spring said...

What's up? Looks like the house is coming along, I can't wait to visit. We just got the most ridiculus rain storm, the whole yard was flooded and there was some serious thunder and lightning. Hopefully this is the last stretch of horrendous less than 72 degree Hawaii weather. Did you change your phone number Ben, I tried to call you last weekend and some chick answered. Have you seen the documentary Grizzly Man? If you haven't you need to check it out, talk about a nut job. Let me know what's up, talk to you later.