Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Lisa and I finally had a couple of days off from work that matched up so we took advantage of it and went up to Denali for some snowshoeing and skiing and exploring. The park is about 227 miles from our house, so it was quite a drive considering we are used to driving around an island that was about 50 miles long. The sights were beautiful and we took a ton of pictures...

sun on the peaks


igloo gas station in the middle of nowhere for 3 bucks a gallon!

road conditions

snowy view


looking for denali

pretty view

We made it! park entrance...


dehydrated lasagna is Lisa's favorite food!

snowshoeing on a frozen river

group photo

Skiing was a blast

My favorite sled dog, his name was beluga!

Tor was fun too, each dog had their own log cabin!

We met some dogs mushers on the trail that were out breaking new trail for the park. The team of dogs lives there at the ranger station...

the valley


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