Friday, February 24, 2006

The best of what's around

Hey everybody,

So dealing with the hassle of all those photo's in that big posting we just did (all of which didn't even show up right on the blog) has prompted me to restart the website that we had in hawaii... You will still be able to access all the photos that are on here, but as for new posts you should visit if you forget it just come back here and there is a link to it on the sidebar to the right of this post....Happy viewing everyone, see you at the new site "The Best of What's Around"

Peace out,


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Kevin&Spring said...

Hey Alaskenians, what your emails and phone #'s? I can't believe we don't have each others stuff. Mines, email and let me know. I ask you last week but I guess you don't read your messages, did you guys see Grizzly Man, what a freak show. What the hell been happenin?