Tuesday, January 29, 2013

London and Germany with the Eichelbergers!

After my parents and aunt left to go back to the states, we had the super fortune of having our great friends Jon and Charmian, who live in Germany, come over to join us in London!  After a few days there, they took us back to their home in Dusseldorf before a beautiful road-trip through Germany to find some really cool towns filled with castles, great beer, beautiful fall colored leaves and life-long memories. 

Enjoying some food and beverages in Bamberg, Germany

Strolling down the streets of Portabello Road

Me with my strange fascination of imitating art/nature

The Eichs making our way up to a castle, by all means necessary :)

 Miss Alessandra singing her heart out

A nerve-racking but funny night when Miss A locked herself in the bedroom, which we had no key for.  We were trying every way to get to her, including through the attic!  After an hour, a locksmith helped get her out, and she came out of the room with a few tears on her face, but still smiling

Charm and I on the London Eye

My favorite picture!  Charmian's dream umbrella

We stopped by Ace Cafe in London, who is featured several times in Ben's favorite adventure series "Long Way Around" and "Long Way Down".  And, perhaps a model for our future expansion of our business??? :)

Even though it was November, the climate over there allowed for the trees to still have their beautiful fall colors!

Got to experience the Autobahn!

So fun to see all the places we've heard about from them, and then go with them to hang out in!  This is one of their favorite places to eat and drink - Moskito

The steps leading up to a castle in Bamberg, Germany

Such a great adventure with our dearly missed friends, but great to see what their life and home and surroundings are like.  Hope to see them soon again!

For more pictures from our trip, click the picture below to visit the webalbum:
London and Germany with the Eichelbergers

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