Tuesday, January 29, 2013

......and, we're back!

I've been following blogs for years now, but over the last 2-3 years I tended to skip over a lot of the ones I religiously followed, because of.......I hate to say it.....but because of Facebook.  It was so easy to have all the feeds in one page and just scroll through and pick out the highlights.  However, recently, I've been drawn back to my "old friends", my "old stories", all the blogs that had basically become like a friend talking to me about their day, their jobs, their family, their lives.  And I realized, this is what I'm missing in Facebook.  Don't get me wrong, I still love to just swipe through my NewsFeed to see what my friends, family and pages are saying, linking to and posting.  But blogs to me are so much personal, where you can type your feelings and dreams and concerns without being nervous if your post will be swiped away because its too long.

I'm excited to start this blog in the beginning of a year, because I used to use this blog as a diary of our lives - where I could go back and relive our year's experiences by pictures and words.  And whether someone wants to read it or not, they can decide if they want to visit here and see what we're up to, its not shoved in their face in their NewsFeed.

Blogging like we did over 2 years ago had been getting harder as I kind of felt as though our lives weren't as exciting or interesting after having moved from Hawaii then Alaska, back to "the states" to Colorado.  Since I grew up in this state, things weren't as ooooo and aaaahhhhh to me like they were in HI and AK - so I just figured people wouldn't read it anymore.  But recently I've heard from several people how they followed us religiously and really missed it - even though we do have FB, but they missed the deeper stories and the more personal connection.   And I agree :)

So, after almost 2 years, Ben and Lisa's blog is back!  Whether we have followers or not, it will be good to have our experiences, trips, thoughts and life right back here in one personal place!

~  Ben and Lisa

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Mat said...

This is exactly why I got back on the blogging. Facebook is stealing the memories I thought were good enough to write about. After I figured out how valuable stuff like that is, I'm not giving that to Facebook for free anymore.

Same as you, I'll drop stuff on there, but you gotta keep your own writing going! :)