Wednesday, March 02, 2011

What is Heaven?

A couple months ago, us and a couple of friends of ours were all discussing what our Heaven Foods would be.....what two things would we have in Heaven to eat for eternity. What are yours?

Dingman's was the "White Cake" from the D-Bar restaurant in Denver. And bless her heart, she vowed to bring it up to us to try, even though they only made the cake in the summer time. She called them up and got to speak to the head chef, Keegan Gerhard (on the Food Network and Discovery). He was so shocked and I'm sure ammused that his cake was someone's Heaven Food, he quickly agreed to make it special and have it ready for us!

The result!
The inside is filled with white chocolate, vanilla bean flecks and raspberries!
And she's in HEAVAN!!! Thanks Ding for the cake!

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