Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall Fest!

Fall Fest! It's an annual tradition started back in Hawaii when we missed the fall season that we try to do every year now, no matter where we are. Luckily Vanessa was in Colorado for a brief moment so we could have it together!
We started it with a hike with the dogs, while the guys went mountain biking. Here's Charmian, Vanessa with Zander on her back, and Kelly.

As Charmian calls them....a squishy face shot!
Zander having fun with the dogs
Charmian taking Z by the hand....too cute! (By the way, she was about 37 weeks here, and she's having her baby today!!!! 11/18!)
Zander reading himself a book - Love that kid
Charmian and Kelly rehydrating after our walk :)
Vanessa helping Zander with his book
Zander had a call :)
The whole gang! Well almost.
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Ben and Daniel teaching Z how to play with dolls, Ben showed him how to body slam it right after this picture :)
Charmian....DON'T GO!!!! Ben REALLY tried hard not to let her leave :)
Pumpkin carving contest!

The results!

A Fall Fest wouldn't be complete without a few car bombs :)


Shawn said...

Had fun with you guys!!
Shawn & kristyn ;)

KevinandSpring said...

I miss those pumpkin carving days. Come visit so I we can have one:)