Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome Baby Zander Block!

Two weekends ago, Ben and I awoke to someone coming into our house at 7 am....after a few seconds of listening, we realized it was Brian and Vanessa and their dog Tikka. Confused for a moment on why they would be coming over this early, Ben then said "Vanessa's havin the baby!". For some reason I didn't believe him so I got up and went downstairs, only to find Vanessa laying down having a contraction. Brian was rushing around gathering their hospital bags (the plan was for her and Brian to be at our house before the birth so the drive would be close to the hospital in Boulder, rather than having to drive the 45 minutes on the curvy road from their cabin in Estes Park - but plans don't work when you're dealing with having a baby so I've been told :) ). V's contractions were down to about 2-4 minutes in between, so they hopped in the van and headed to the hospital.

Ben and I figured since it's her first baby, we'd probably have some time. So we got up, had a nice breakfast and got ready. We got to the hospital and called to the room, in which the nurse responded to us saying Vanessa wasn't feeling so well, so if we could wait in the lobby until they called for us or Brian came out. For those of you who know Ben, he doesn't really like sitting around, and after about 40 minutes of waiting and Ben getting ancy, we decided to leave and go on a bike ride while we're waiting. We got home, changed clothes, got in the car, got as far as the stop sign in our neighborhood when we got a call from Brian announcing that the baby had been born! So we raced back to the hospital! They were all at The Boulder Community Foothills Hospital - such a NICE facility!

We were able to come right back to the room to meet the new Block.....specifically Alyxzander Drezzor Octavius Block (a name that came to Brian in a dream years ago, pretty cool). We could already tell he was on "Go!" time, as Vanessa's water had broke at 5 am, she was pushing by about 9:45am and had him at 10:50 am. As V said, "He came out like he was on FIRE!". Here's the new mommy, who went through a SHORT natural birth with NO drugs, ready to rock the party, and Zander (one of him already many nicknames).

Brian holding his new son, I think you can tell he's pretty damn happy
It was so fun to hold Zander, since he's been living in our house for much of the last 9 months and we didn't know what each other looked like! :) He's SUCH a cute baby boy, and can't wait for all our adventures we'll share with him! If you look closely, it almost looks like Ben could imagine having one :)
I love this picture, about an hour after delivering. What an amazing, beautiful and happy mom, she's an inspiration
The awesome view from their hospital room - nice eh?
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