Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ben's birthday!

It was Ben's birthday on Tuesday, so we thought we'd have a small get together complete with BBQ, lawn games, helium, pinatas, and MAJOR fun! Vanessa, Ben's dad from Tucson, my dad from Nebraska, our friend Whitney from the Springs, our friend Kristyn from Pueblo, Conrad and Jon, and our friend Javier from here in Boulder all came for the shin dig!

The decorations
The MULTIPLE cakes made by Vanessa and I
Whit helping get the pinata ready....through the bull's butt!
Baking away, ready to pop! (she's due in 9 days!)
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Kevin said...

Whats that, a Miller Lite? Those bean bags look familiar, and no cupcake-eating contest??!! Happy Birthday buddy. See you soon.

Sue said...

Looks like you all had Great fun... Happy Birthday Ben!

loved the helium induced singing :) who knew Lloyd could sing like that!

Sue & Billy