Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our new house

A lot of far away friends have been wanting to see pictures of our house we just bought in Boulder. And, since we are beginning our TOTAL kitchen remodel on Monday, we thought we'd show you what it looks like before. These pictures were taken during our inspection back in October, so it still wasn't ours then...and we've done some things already. So we'll have to post more pictures later. But here's an idea of what it looks like. Look for updated Kitchen pictures in about a week!

Our new house!


L said...

Hey, that place looks perfect for you guys! Cute, but lots of areas for you to get your remodeling fix!

One question though: how would you clean the (future) fish tank on the ledge above the door?

Mathew Nelson said...

wow, you guys have alot of work to do for sure. Nice project. That place will be amazing after you transport it into this century. I guess I know what you will be doing for the rest of the year!

P.S. - and if you want to start a pool to guess how many debris bins of cement you will be pulling out I'll start it off with 3.