Friday, May 09, 2008

My visit with grandma

I took the opportunity while down in the Lower 48 to go see my Grandma Tinnes. She recently had a decrease in her health making her not able to come to the wedding. It was great to see her.

She's a great artist, and the home she is at has a weekly art class. She isn't used to watercolor yet though, she's always used oil paints - she still did a great job.

My mom and I would take her for as many walks outside as we could, as she doesnt get to do normally. We found a magnolia tree and brought her some of the flowers.
Here is her wedding picture with my Grandpa, I will be wearing her necklace in my own wedding! :)
I was still in Iowa when Cinco de Mayo rolled around, so a rallied the troops and we headed out to the local Mexican Restaurant. Of course we had to drink some margaritas!
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