Friday, May 09, 2008

My Trip Home

I just recently got back from a trip back down to the Lower 48. It was for my bridal shower (that my wonderful sister did an AMAZING job with!) and to see my grandma in Iowa.

I got to see my super-fun neice Kayla
I got the great chance to see my cousins (something like 5 times removed, but they're still family right!) Bob and Maureen that I got to work with in Hawaii, they were up there for a NWS class and then to go STORM CHASING! I'm jealous. It was great to see you guys!
The next day was my bridal shower. After a whirlwind of a morning at the DIA airport, we were all together, getting to see special women in my life that I hadn't seen in years! Here's the friend clan of Ponderosa...Leah, Charmian, myself, and Amber Brogger.
This was funny! This was bought from a store, which included too many "I"s and no "R". I was doin some sort of gangsta impersonation - yeah, not the best :)
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