Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Spring!

Our kick-ass friend Spring has her birthday today.....instead of eating cake or a party with family, you'll find her raging at the nearest triathlon or marathon or bike race - she's crazy! But totally hard core and one of the sweetest people you'll have the privilege of knowing. Happy Birthday Spring!!!!!

Just to show you how kick-ass she is, she hiked to Havasupai Falls then to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon BY HERSELF! She's amazing and what I strive to be like!

She lived in Hawaii at the same time we did, us girls (Spring, Vanessa, Hilary and I) had some great times together, especially with her crazy loud hawaiian shirts! :) Love ya Spring!


Anonymous said...

Miss you guys alot. Can't wait until I get to hangout with you again. Funny, I was looking through the Alaska pics today. I have to work while you guys are in Vegas. Me and Kevin can't wait until you tie the knot.

Happy Valenties Day, thanks for thinking of me on my b-day.


Anonymous said...

I've wanted to hike on down to the Colorado River from Havasupai...but my feet are always messed by then. "Next year!" Or maybe I'll hike UP from the River when I'm rafting it in June. ~Mark