Friday, February 29, 2008

The Bachelor Party...

So the party didn't quite go as planned. Some recent events conspired to dismantle the vegas trip that are a bit disturbing, I have included some photos here to help explain why the bachelor party really sucked.
My dad showed up early in Vegas, trying to get a jump on all the activities... He caught the blue man group on his first night in sin city and was aparantly so taken aback by their performance that he threw away everything he had going for him, his job, his family, his sanity... and joined the show. This is the last known photo of him before he went on tour....
Mat decided that he was better than all of us and booked his flight for a month after we were all going to be in vegas, he decided to go to Venice instead and contemplate the meaning of life by the canals. Some best man he turned out to be! He sent me this picture from the shops along the grand canal in italy. The nerve!
Ty just didn't really feel like there was any reason to leave Mardi Gras when all he ever wanted was right there in front of him. He sent me this picture with a note that read.... "This was my reaction to the girl who took this picture right before I gave her every bead necklace I had! Man was that worth it!"
Brian, well, brian was the one guy I thought I could count on to be there for my bachelor party, and I figured Vegas was right up his alley.... come to find out, he hung up the Marmot gear and became a male model.... This is a shot from his latest photo shoot. I still haven't heard from him, but I guess you forget about the little people when you get your big break. Who can blame him though, he is pretty much the best looking male specimen around. Right?
I mean there really isnt any difference between him and the little italian statue right behind him is there?
As for Kevin, well Kevin also arrived in Vegas early, we never saw him though. It was his first time there and I guess it got the better of him. You see, he joined the Elvis impersonaters union right after they picked him up at the airport on a mix up with the name plate that a limo driver was holding. They found a niche for him in the Elvis rock climbing school. This was him last week teaching his first class.

I have to say that even though things may not have gone as planned, aww heck there was never a plan and that is the way that I like was the best bachelor party I could have ever imagined. Thanks guys for all the great memories.
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Mathew Nelson said...

The awesomeness ensues

Travis said...

I like how you can see a reflection of Ben taking the picture in Kevin's Elvis glasses!