Saturday, November 10, 2007


Through a series of good luck events, Ben and I are on our way to the city of cities.....New York City! We're gonna go visit our friends Rob and Michelle, and Ben's best friend from high school Mark and his wife Merlyn. We're so so so excited and can't wait to get on the plane...guess we should go pack first though as we leave in 9 hours!

We'll post pictures when we get back next Friday night!

PS - our great friends Vanessa and Brian just got engaged! We're so happy for them and excited to be sharing this time in our lives together. Check out their pictures from their engagement trip (a surprise trip to Paris!!!!) Go to the "Vanessa's Blog" link on the right!


Anonymous said...

Anxious to see the pics, its Saturday!


Mathew Nelson said...

I heard you guys were going to NY. Wonder what that will be like. I think it's snowing so bring your gear with you! Lazy Bastards!