Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Extreme Backcountry snowboarding

Hi Everybody! That's me on my way to the top of the world. I went backcountry with Kevin and S&*%$D(*(&%, this past weekend for the first time this season in April bowl at Hatchers Pass. We walked up until there was no more up to walk. It was an amazing view from the top. We could see the alaska range and the chugach and we were above the clouds looking down on some very pristine untouched powder. We dropped in over a cornice and silently started the descent. What a rush! The first picture is just about to the top, and the bowl that we went down is on the right of the picture, we jumped in off that ledge of snow.

A view of the alaska range in the distance.
This is the Chugach range in the distance.

What a view! I cant wait to go back!
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