Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Telepalooza at Alyeska

Last weekend, Ben and I were invited by our friends Zach and nicole to a condo they had rented in Girdwood. "Telepalooza", an event at Alyeska Ski Resort to commemerate Jeff Nissman, a telemark skiier who was killed a few years ago. The event was great, and by volunteering only a couple hours, we got to ski for free ALL WEEKEND! Thats $200 worth. And we had a great little condo to share with our friends and their friends Greg and Janice from Kodiak...even had a hot tub! Lisa also took telemark ski lessons, very difficult to learn. We had a great time though, finally made it to the top, taking Chair 6, the highest you can go on the mountain!

If you've never seen a telemark skiier, here's a picture of how the go down the mountain....basically your heel is free, and you drop your uphill leg down and behind your downhill leg. A very graceful sport, if you can do it well!
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