Monday, March 19, 2007

Lisa's mini vacation

I got a mini vacation over the last week and a half...I went to Boise Idaho for a work conference and while I was down in the Lower 48, I went down to Colorado to visit and meet my new niece Kayla. She is my first, and she is quite a cutie!
A self portrait....
Mom/Grandma holding Kayla while Dad/Grandpa and Amber/Mom eat, some good family times....
Kayla chillin on her fun blanket, she like to dance and wiggle on it - hence why her hands and feet are blurry.
Grandma and Grandpa enjoying the 76 degree Colorado weather on Amber and Ty's new porch, enjoying their time with Kayla

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Kevin&Spring said...

Too cute! Somebody's got a birthday coming up:) We really miss you guys, when are you coming back to Tucson so I can see you.