Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas in Alaska!

So it seems like we are playing santa this year being so close to the north pole and sending out all the gifts and cards and stuff that we have already... If you haven't goten one yet, be sure that you are on our list..... We decorated the house a bit and, as promised, here are some pictures including the tree that we chopped down in the forest and stuck in the living room! When we first saw it we thought that it was a bit small, but when we put it up in the living room it bent over the ceiling and we had to chop about a foot and a half off. Gotta get back to mailing things to good little girls and boys!

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Lloyd and Shirley said...

Thanks so much for sending a picture of your light bill - seriously it is beautiful - I would say that you guys and the Kauffmans are in a serious race for the best light display. By the way, what is hanging on the top of your garage - looks like a sign or is it a map for Santa?


Vanessa said...

Beautiful lights, you guys. i love the addition of the lights in the back and around the trunk of the tree in front. LOVE IT! i really like the tree, too. saw the post about girls, holy crap. that is a lot of girls. 3 or 20, love you guys.