Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Oops, I forgot to include two of my favorite pictures from the glacier hike I posted before. Thie first of course is a weather weenie photo, but the second I think is the best. And I figured Vanessa would be proud of my photog skills! :) Enjoy!

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Vanessa said...

Proud? I just about teared the photography is so beautiful. Looks super fun, girl! Nice work. Are you parents there now?

Anonymous said...

Holy moly you two. Ben to catch up, happy birthday. You are old. Lis, you have taken some beautiful pictures. You guys look like you have done a lot of stuff, except for the most important...you have yet to find a cave man frozn in the ice. When you do just hope it is not Bredan Frasier, and when its not you have your new roommate! (Ben a monkey jumped on my shoulder when I was eating dinner. He was not a big furry orangutang, but he was quite cute like Abu from Aladin).