Friday, July 21, 2006

glacier hike contd.

Mmmmmmm, glacier water!

Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam (minus the Cult Jam) in the fireweed (can you believe its a weed?!) Posted by Picasa

Really beautiful rock color near Sheep Mountain, we went there to a little lodge for dinner and pie!

A different view of Matanuska Glacier

On our way home, we accidentally took the wrong exit. As we were turning around, I thought I saw something that looked like a bear, but to not sound dumb since we were back in Anchorage, I asked "Is that a really big dog?" Everyone looked and Lisa Brown screamed "Its a bear!!!!!" Turns out, it was a momma and two cubs. Sorry for the crappy picture, it was dark and they were moving FAST (one cub is in the backgroundin the tall grass)! But yea, our first bear sighting, only about 4 miles away from our house, in the protection of a car thank gosh!
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