Saturday, December 10, 2005

Soaking up the Alaskan ways!

First and foremost, just wanted to tell all our friends and family "THANK YOU!" for checkin out our blogger and seeing what we are up to. Its great to show you instead of just telling what we're doing. Also, it was great to talk to all of you that I spoke with on the phone this weekend, I'm trying to catch up now that some things have calmed down (except the house!). Amber B, keep healthy and give all your boys hugs and kisses (and shakas to Kolin. Pam, you will be in my thoughts more than ever and my fingers and toes and eyes are crossed! DaNa, always great to talk to you, very envious of your trip to Mexico. Mom and Dad, glad to hear grandma is there safe and REALLY excited to hopefully see some pics of the new house on a blog of some kind! Kevin and Spring, thank you so much for putting together your blog so we can still feel some Hawaiian warmth---love the banana hammock pic! to share some things we've been doing. A couple of days ago the temps got warm enough to allow snowman building! So while I was at work, Ben spent some time on our new neighbor. The temps kinda melted him and all the other snow away, but when there's more, I'll build my own.
Went to an Ace's hockey game (Alaska's pro team) and forgot how much I liked going to hockey games after being away from it. That got us in the mood to try our luck out on the ice and go ice skating. We both had a blast. Ben took the "well if they can do it, I can too" approach and was trying some fancy footwork---did pretty well, defintily fun to watch!

Then today we went ice fishing. It was an event put on by the city where they would supply the rods and bait and would drill a hole for you. So after about an hour, we had caught a total of 6 rainbow trout! We went home and fried them up in some butter for a good fresh lunch. Mmmmmm.

Ben ice fishing

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Spring said...

What's up you guys, I expect you to post everday, you have a big fan club and when I go to your website I expect new pictures. You should be living to please us.

Miss you guys.