Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hey everybody!

Sorry we haven't posted anything in a while...we have been having trouble with our internet connection. Turns out we never had one! We had been picking up on a signal from someone else in the complex that we are staying in! So we got the temporary housing to install one and it should be up soon, as for now let the piracy continue... lisa asked me to let you know that if you want to view old posts just check out the archives section...

With that out of the way... let us wish you all happiness and joy for the holidays... wish we could be with you all. We will update more and give you a report for christmas soon! We promise....

We have been real busy getting ready to close on the new house and preparing for the holidays! I have 2 jobs now, working at sears and Providence health systems. I work for sears so we can get some deals on home stuff and then my job at the hospital is working out great! I love the place and the people... Hopefully I will be involved in alot of good things there. So needless to say I have been quite busy with the 2 jobs working about 13 hours a day! Lisa has been doing great at work and is learning so much and working real hard too! We are excited about christmas and will be spending it with some of lisa's coworkers, hopefully we will make some new friends for the holidays! Soon after that we will be moving into our new house and getting started on all the fun that comes with that! It will be nice to start to settle in a bit.

It snowed quite a bit today, nice to have so much snow for christmas, we haven't had that in so long.... Oh almost forgot to tell you all that Lisa has started to learn to play the guitar, she has an acoustic of her own now... We are excited to be welcoming Vanessa from Hawaii soon, we miss her and can't wait to have her back in the group again....

I guess that is the quick and dirty version, so I will leave you with warm wishes for you and yours... Check back for christmas updates!

Ben and Lisa!


Anonymous said...

Hey Besa,

Miss you so much. Wish we could have been spent this Christmas with you in the snow. Colorado has been so warm lately it feels more like Fall than Winter. Well hope all is well.

Love you, talk to you soon.


Richie Haik said...

hey guys,

ben, it was great finally getting in touch with you for Christmas. I'm glad that things are great with you and Lisa, and hopefully I'll get some chance to visit this year. It's crazy over here in honolulu...people getting horse collared left and right, crazy cajuns dancing in the road...just bad news all around.

lisa, hopefully next time we'll get to catch up more. I miss ya'll!!! not too much new over here, but we'll be in better touch!

talk to ya'll soon...