Friday, October 07, 2005

The Move Begins!

Hi Everyone!

So we are officially on our way to the AK! The movers showed up the other day and took everything but an air mattress and 4 bags of clothes...

Wednesday, we dropped off the Rubicon, hopefully it will get there before we do so that we dont have to putt around in some goofy rental car!

Lisa is totally hooking us up with some temprary housing when we first get there. Here is a link to the place we will be staying!

PH: (907) 332-0001.

Hope everybody will enjoy this travelogue, check back often as we plan to update it daily during our trip starting Nov. 1st.


Mat said...

That looks so drum corps...

Leah said...

Hey Guys! Good luck on the move! I can't believe that Lisa is going to have to start wearing socks! Miss you both a bunch & I will talk to you soon.



fsm said...

Way to go...From one end of the weather cycle to the other! At least, White Christmas is guranteed. Remember "Nights" and weekends are free to call....You can't beat calling free 6 months.

Good luck to you guys!