Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Making the most of it...

So while we are still here we are trying to fit everything in that we can... we visited the last few corners of this island that we haven't been to. We also went back to an old favorite... Yokohama Bay. We had been there about 2 years ago when we thought the road went around the corner to the north shore. After almost slipping in the ocean in the jeep, the washed out road turned us back. Scary, but a good memory. Our friends Vanessa and Hilary came with us since they had not been there before. We found a wet cave we hadn't noticed before, unfortuneatly we didn't have flashlights with us so we couldn't go to far.

The next weekend, our friends Mike, Hilary, and Dominic went on the Manoa Cliff Trail. It was really muddy and there were strawberry guavas everywhere, or "nature's paintballs" to the boys. They were running and dodging each other on the trail, Hilary and Lisa kept getting caught in the crossfire. We are standing in front of Manoa Falls in the picture.

Then we came upon these really big leaves that Lisa has always wanted to take a picture of, knowing they could be used in so many ways. For example:

Then last weekend, we had a ball celebrating Lisa's last HMT shift at work, our roommate Richie finding out the results of passing his bar exam, and our friend Chris' raise, at none other than Magoo's for the $5 pitchers. On our way to some Irish bars, Richie gracefully shook his money maker in the middle of Ala Moana Blvd at a stoplight, making us and the people around us laugh so hard it hurt.

The next morning we all attempted a hike Lisa's coworker had suggested in Palolo Valley. It was actually a Board of Water Supply access trail to a pumping station. It was also a pencil-thin trail hugging the cliffside, being hidden by the dense rainforest, making it impossible to walk any faster than a slow careful stride. Mike ended up falling about 5 feet due to the many times the trail was washed out from rain. After 1 1/2 hours of hiking, we came upon the first of 3 amazing waterfalls. These waterfalls were being fed from the Ka'au Crater at the top of the Ko'olau range, our destination. Unfortunatly, on our way up the third waterfall (cascading more than 100 yards, only ropes tied to available trees to scale up the side of it with) Ben came across a tricky spot in which the rope snapped, therefore making up stop our hike and turn back. Even though bummed, we were all a little excited to go back, none of us had eaten and we had run out of water 3 hours ago (we had no idea it was going to be so long!). So after 4 1/2 hours of hiking, we made it back to the car, ready to eat anything that moved. Overall, a fantastic hike with the most serene and untouched waterfalls on the island we've seen.

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