Thursday, January 28, 2010

Steamboat Springs

Last weekend, Ben and I headed up to Steamboat Springs for some skiing and some hot springin. We both had never been, so we were excited for a NEW adventure. The visibility wasn't the best, but there was some good fresh powder and NO lift lines! One of the highlights happened on our first way up the mountain...we got to share a gondola with 4 people from Japan in which we jumped at practicing our Japanese with! They said we did pretty good, and were very excited for us.

A picture showing our visibility we had on the top of the mountain, it got better the further we went down.
Ahhh, and after a day of skiing, we headed to Strawberry Hot Springs. Probably the best hot springs we've ever been to - so natural and NO sulfur smell.
Ben enjoying the soothing waters on our achey knees :)
Lisa getting some good maxin and relaxin time in :)
On our way home, we picked up Tikka (Brian and Vanessa's dog) to watch her for the night. Threw her in the back with Cubby and Kaena, this is how much room they gave her, nice huh? :)
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