Friday, June 26, 2009

Vanessa's Baby Shower

I threw my very good friend Vanessa a Baby Shower a couple weeks ago at our house. A great group of gals showed up for it. Besides the dogs gobbling up half the cookies I baked, it went off without a hitch! :) Here's some pictures:

Vanessa's Baby shower


L said...

First of all, awesome idea on the onesies! Way better than that lame diaper pin game!

And second, those cookies were way too beautiful for two bad dogs to eat! Undeserving little piggies!

KevinandSpring said...

Vanessa looks beautiful! Awesome party, wish I was there. You are in charge of my baby shower, down the road. I love the onesies, almost makes me have one now just to have some of those. Miss you guys.