Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Panama....Here we come!

Tomorrow, Lisa's big 3-0 birthday, we're heading down to Panama to celebrate! We're going to visit our friends that we lived with in Hawaii, Mike and Hilary, who moved to Panama last August. Not only is it Lisa's birthday, but she shares the day with Hilary - another April 2nd baby! We've kidnapped our friend Kevin from Anchorage and Ben's dad Ken to bring with us on this wild ride. So far, a visit to the Panama canal, a 3-day trip to Isla de Coiba, a soccer game, surfing, a beach house, canopy tours and our own party bus have been planned! We're super stoked and can't wait to share pictures when we get back. Wish us luck!!!!

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Nicola' said...

Have fun!!! miss you guys... Happy Birthday Lisa~