Monday, March 02, 2009

More Progress!

More progress on the kitchen! We finally got our new Silestone countertops in and they're great! We've painted the walls (LOVE the color!), we've put down some cementboard to put tile down, and deciding on tile for the floor. Its coming together!

Here's Lisa styling the latest flooring fashionwear for the spring :)
Laying thinset down for the cementboard

Our new Silestone countertops!
A glance into the kitchen
Our new awesome gas range with a downdraft so we didnt' have to put a hood over it.

Our pulls we're gonna have on the drawers and cabinets!
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Mad Martigan said...

wow guys it looks great. You know there is only one thing to do now...your own show on the food network. Watch out Rachel Ray!

Sam said...

That looks like a flippin' sweet kitchen guys! Progress is great!