Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paper cup.

Jesse Christy and I went down to turnagain last weekend to try to conquer Tin Can. It's the name of a run in the backcountry that lots of people love to do. We found tin can and headed for what we thought was the way up to the summit. Come to find out after skinning for quite a while that there was a very large gorge blocking our access to said peak. Without the proper ice axes and stuff we opted to do a different hill that was just to the left of Tin Can. After the run we named it paper cup cuz it was slightly smaller and less hard core than it's bigger neighbor. We managed to get some great turns in and Jesse even hucked off a the top of a tree covered in multiple feet of snow! A great day in the backcountry, as is any day spent outside enjoying fresh pow. Can I get an Amen?

paper cup at turnagain

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