Saturday, September 22, 2007

A great show tonight......

Even though Ben and Kevin are out again camping and biking the Alaskan wilderness this weekend while I'm on midnight shifts......I got a nice slice of Alaskan Heaven as well. The Northern Lights came out to put on a great show. The sky had a beautiful green glow that moved slowly and mysteriously. If you have never had the privilege to view this wonder, COME ON UP! We got a room for you! The fall and spring seem to give the best displays, and with tomorrow night being the Vernal Equinox, it's SHOWTIME!
Here are some shots of the show that Fairbanks got to witness, the camera located just 30 miles north of them. It's courtesy of NICT, Japan ( You can check in on the webcam to see if an aurora light show is playing as it's updated every 5 minutes!

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Lloyd and Shirley said...

Are the Northern lights always green or is it where you live determines the color? Thanks for the great showing.