Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dipnetting for Salmon

A few weekends ago, Ben and I ventured down to Kasilof on the Kenai Peninsula to try our hand at dipnetting. Its a way of fishing that only Alaskans are allowed to do, so to say the least, it was quite the redneck showing! Either way, we had a lot of fun, especially after Ben built his own dipnet after seeing it would cost $140 to buy. We got down there just in time for sunset, slept on the beach then woke up early, 4am early, to say good morning to the fish!

A great sunset shot, with a sundog in the sky, and a boat coming in after the long day.
Ben whittling his own club/bat to knock the fish silly!
Some birds playing in the surf
The fishermen lined up waiting for a fish to swim in their nets, and the birds waiting for the guts after theyre cleaned....eewwwww!
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Anonymous said...

Dipnetting is time-consuming, long, expensive (considering gas and supplies) and slightly nuts. But totally addictive. Now I see Fish&Game has a new set of videos to show how to dipnet > http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=PersonalUsebyAreaInteriorChitina.video

I especially like the guy attempting to balance a 12 foot dipnet on a mountain bike while leashed to two dogs (in the Part 2 video)!

Hope you two are doing well.