Sunday, July 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben's birthday was yesterday...had a few friends over and had a blast. Did some Mooses Tooth pizza and beer, blueberry muffins and blueberry sour cream cake, some present opening, a Cornhole tournament (see below), some Go-Karts, some poker, and some darts. Killer day.

Ben ripping into his Hello Kitty present from Kevin and Laura....

Turns out it was awesome clay poker chips! Thanks Kevin and Laura!

In case ya didn't know, Ben's a HUGE fan of Superman.....I found an awesome key to make it into his house key :)

The dogs had fun with the present wrapping as well

Laura made a nice sign in the driveway for Ben to see when he came home from work :)

Enjoying a nice frosty glass of Alpenglow Amber beer....and Laura's face :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben, sorry we couldn't be there to put some moose turds in your cake. :)

Miss you guys
Spring and Kevin