Tuesday, January 09, 2007

¡Cabo San Lucas, aquí nosotros venimos!

Tonight we're are going to the airport for our long journey to Cabo San Lucas for our friend Michelle's wedding!!!! It will be great to get back to some warm temperatures, considering it is -18 degrees here now! She graciously asked us both to be in her wedding (boy is she in for some shinanigans!) and we are so excited to see her, since we've only see her once since moving to New York City about 4 years ago. We both knew her in Tucson, Lisa's roommate and Ben's coworker/friend, and she is the reason we met!
We will be thinking of you all wishing you could be with us having a margarita on the beach (ok, I know all our friends in Hawaii aren't that jealous! :-) ) After Cabo, we plan to go up to Tucson for almost a week to visit friends and family....and eat great Mexican food!
The bottle above is Michelle and Rob's wedding invitation.....a message in a bottle complete with a burnt-edge invitation and pirate-esque
map of Cabo. Very cool idea! See ya there guys! Everyone else, stay tuned for pictures when we get back.
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