Wednesday, August 16, 2006

An influx of visitors...

The whole gang showed up to visit us this summer... all at once! Parents and cousin and aunt and uncle! We had a blast and it sure was nice to see everybody! I am going to post some random shots from their visit, the sheer randomness of which is bound to urk some people (i.e. Lisa ;) We stopped at Portage Lake to check out some icebergs...
We went to Homer for some halibut fishing, it was a blast and there is more to follow.
A mirrored lake on the train down to Seward, how awesome was this trip, we will be sure to hop the train again this winter for some backcountry advetures!
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Anonymous said...

dang! you guyts have like all of these pictures and your life looks all exciting and crap... and I'm in kansas. blah.

-T money