Friday, January 13, 2006

What else could you want in Alaska!!!???!?!?!!

Hey everyone!
When I got home today from work, I walked in the door to Vanessa and Ben holding our 2 new puppies!!!!!!!! They are so adorable and squishy and cuddly! They are 6-week old Akita/Black Lab mix furballs of fun. Ben's is the boy, the more beige colored one who was named Cubby (he's gonna be a bear when he's older!) and mine is the girl, the whiter one who was named Ka'ena. Enjoy the pics!!!!!

a true alaskan family!

hungry in the kitchen!

can't get enough!



Bob said...

"squishy"? No squishing da cute little puppies!!

Mat said...

Those pups are sooooo cute! It makes me want to yell "Mush!"

Nice choice!

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest puppies!! What does Ka'ena mean? I want a puppy now :) ~Miss Kempf